AFW 49-Strand 7x7 Stainless Steel Shark Leader Wire

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American Fishing Wire 49 strand fishing wire is the first choice for shark and big game anglers looking for a tough but flexible wire for traces and rubbing leaders. This is a 30ft (9.2m) spool. Made in the USA.

Corrosion resistant type 304 stainless steel 49 strand (7x7) wire cable providing excellent kink resistance and bite protection. This is the best quality wire available, and the first choice for shark fishing and other big game toothy fish. AFW wire will outperform and outlast non-marine grade alternatives.

Often when a shark strikes a bait, they twirl violently. This can kink single strand leader wire, making it more destrictive to your tackle than the actual bite! Our 49-strand wire resists kinking, wrestles back and allows you to hook up then haul in.

NOTES: The 400lb and 480lb wire is ideal for UK porbeagle shark fishing.

What crimp should I use with the cable?

90lbs - 1.1mm std mini double crimp

175lbs & 275lbs wire - 1.3mm std mini double crimp

400lbs wire - 1.6mm std mini double crimp

480lbs wire - 1.9mm std mini double crimp / 2.3mm HD double crimp

600lbs wire - 1.9mm std mini double crimp / 2.3mm HD double crimp

800lbs wire - 2.2mm std mini double crimp / 2.8mm HD double crimp