• JRC Contact Fluorocarbon Hooklink


    JRC Contact Fluorocarbon Hooklink

    The Fluorocarbon is perfect for making stiff rigs or setting up as boom section. It's transparent properties makes it nearly invisible under water! Super Soft Low Memory Virtually Invisible Under Water Extremely Fast Sinking

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  • JRC Contact Chod Hooklink


    JRC Contact Chod Hooklink

    Excellent for Chod and Hinged pop-up rigs due to the high memory and stiff properties. High Memory Extremely stiff Virtually Invisible Under Water Abrasion Resistant  

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  • JRC Contact Coated Hooklink Semi Stiff - 22mm


    JRC Contact Coated Hooklink Semi Stiff - 22mm

    The Coated Hooklink is extremely strong due to it's HMPE and Kevlar core. An easy to strip coating makes sure that it's widely applicable to suit every fishing situation. Easy to strip Powerfull HMPE and Kevlar Core Fast Sinking...

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  • JRC Contact Supple Hooklink - 22m


    JRC Contact Supple Hooklink - 22m

    The Supple Hooklink is strong, reliable and has a natural presentation. The tightly woven, two colored braid follows the contours perfectly! Super Soft Powerfull HMPE Core Fast Sinking Abrasion Resistant Break Strength 25lb | 11.3kg ...

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