Korda - Dark Matter Putty


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Dark Matter Putty contains tungsten and is very heavy for its size, making it the ideal choice of rig putty for pretty much anything relating to adding weight to your rigs. The non-toxic putty is incredibly malleable, even straight out of the tin which it comes in, and means that it can easily be moulded around micro swivels or a knot, such as when balancing a pop-up rig. It can also be added to one of our Sinkers to give it more weight, or to the end of our fused leaders or tubing to make doubly sure that it is pinned down to the bottom. It will stay in place during the cast, and comes in a choice of Weed Green or Gravel Brown, so that you can match it to the type of bottom you are fishing over, as well as your other rig components. Each tin contains 25g of Dark Matter Putty.