Korda - Dark Matter Tungsten Coated Braid

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This coated braid is super-heavy thanks to tungsten granules which have been added to the tough outer coating. This ensures that the Dark Matter Coated Hooklink stays pinned to the lake bed, but is still supple enough that it will also follow the contours. The coating is tough enough that it doesn’t split when knotted and create unwanted hinges, but is easily stripped wherever you want to access the supple, inner braid. This is a semi-stiff coated braid, so lends itself to a vast variety of different rigs, and is tough enough to stand up fishing in weedy or snaggy situations. It comes in a choice of Weed Green or Gravel Brown, so that you can match it to whatever type of lake bed that you are fishing over, and is available in 18lb or 25lb breaking strains, with 10m on a spool.