The pike is a large apex freshwater predator renowned for its hard-fighting qualities. The species is widespread throughout the UK, Europe, America and Canada. Myth and folklore surrounds pike like no other freshwater fish – but the fact remains that these ‘Freshwater Sharks’ do grow very big: in 1983, a pike of 68lbs was caught in Germany, and the British rod caught record is currently 46lbs 13 ozs, caught by Roy Lewis from Llandegfedd Reservoir in 1992. Fish in excess of ten pounds are common, whilst anglers strive to catch pike over twenty pounds. For many, thirty pounders are the fish of dreams, and forty pounders rare indeed. Pike can be found in all types of water: rivers, canals, lakes, gravel pits, lochs, loughs and reservoirs. In years past pike were misunderstood and often killed indiscriminately