Float Stops

  • Seaglo Ultra UV Bait Stops


    Seaglo Ultra UV Bait Stops

    Seaglo ultra stops  The new seaglo uv bait stops made out of a very tough silicone rubber and grip the line very well!  There neon green in colour and available in 2 sizes.   Great to add to snoods to with a sequin to stop baiting...

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  • INOVA Snood Stops


    INOVA Snood Stops

    Being low in mass, this is popular with competition anglers for attaching various leads with ease. You can attach a lead by sliding the black shrink tubing up along the line, which then exposes the opening. Simply connect your lead to this and slide the...

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  • Leeda Icon Lumi Rubber Stops 15pk


    Leeda Icon Lumi Rubber Stops 15pk

    Leeda Icon Luminous rubber stops have become a must-have item in rig tying. These rubber stops fit on your rigs to trap swivels and to create buffers between beads and hook lengths.

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  • Sakuma Power Gum


    Sakuma Power Gum

    Very useful for tying stop knots to make your rigs fully adjustable, this is essential when replacing snoods on clipped down rigs. Other uses include adjusting the depth of float rigs and bait stops. Available in red or clear. Specifications Breaking...

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